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Hi and welcome to my 'Learning Zone'. I have set this page up because more and more I am being emailed or face booked  (if that is a word) asking me how I have done certain shoots, wedding, live events etc. Here you will find tips on how I plan, set up and shoot. This page will be raw and not a perfect shine forum because i don't think people learn if you don't show your mistake. Its in no way me saying 'look how good I am' because i dislike those places. I also like you had to start somewhere and although i have been doing professional photography for many years now, I can tell you I still make mistakes when I'm trying new photography projects.

If you have anything you would like to learn about please get in touch through the "Get in touch' page. I hope to post a new learning blog every 1-2 weeks and more often when the season is more quiet at Clix HQ. 

I hope you gain some knowledge to help you in your photography journey.


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