I have been looking forward to this pre-wedding shoot for weeks. With last years weddings finishing in early December I have not shot a couple for weeks and I was itching to get this one done.

Kate and Matthew live in Birmingham, but are originally from Pentre & Treorchy in the Rhondda Valleys. I wanted to use their locality so they can look back on the images for years to come when they are back home and remember what the valleys are like, usually wet, cold, and cloudy and today didn't disappoint.

We took the risk of shooting in the open with no cover hoping that the weather would be kind to us. Im so glad we risked getting wet because the cloud was very low and lent its self for some awesome moody images.

Most shoots don't mix with a little  history, but I was fascinated with the little white building on the mountain with the painted coloured flowers on the hill coming up from Treorchy (if your from these parts you will know what I mean, if not see below) Kate & Matthew knew everything about this old  building and sent me a nice little image of when it was operational. It was the old Watchmans hut sitting on the side of the road where his job was to clear the falling rocks etc from he road. Its a little worse for ware now as you will see the images.

With a chest infection on Matthew and the lovely Kates positive attitude we all pulled through the wet conditions and produced some wonderful art ! Cant wait for the wedding day , Thank you both..

The watch man himself back in the day where he would collect litter and make lovely little colour flowers and scatter them across the mountain. If you know the area or look at the images, you will see that you must like your own company to be up here alone at night. Its a shame that his home has been set on fire, with lots of damage, but his work lives on and it can be found on the Rhigos mountain, South Wales.

(image credit man in hut  RCTCBC library archive)

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