Outstanding wedding day planned to perfection.

It was a cloudy but fine spring wedding day for Victoria & Nathan at my second home of late Oldwalls Gower Swansea. if you have never been to this venue you must ! Its one of the stand out Welsh wedding venues for me. Not because every corner is a great wedding image but the staff are very professional, organised and friendly, and the CHEF ! oh ..I have to say I have ate in a lot of venues around the UK but how the Chef cooked my meal I will never know, Clixx Photography seal of approval ' Best food of 2015' :) Also a FREE shot for the Bride and Groom before entering and sitting down for dinner ! Nothing like a little dutch courage :) Thats enough about the venue on to the day.

Victoria & Nathan had planned a great wedding day, lot of attention to detail and a great colour scheme. Martyn Bird on the decks, a saxophone player (nice) and Ultrabooth to entertain the guests through the night, I left the wedding party after the first dance and I'm sure all family and guests had a great time.

The Bride was wearing a stunning wedding dress supplied by Laura May Bridal that fitted to perfection. With a diamond head piece Victorias natural beauty is shown through all the images of the day. The finishing touch was done by Christine Bradwick-Knight who was amazing as usual doing the bridal parties hair and makeup. The Groom and Best Men were looking very dapper in the new 'black', Blue suit and jackets.

Thank you for making me feel at home - Lots of  love and hugs from Clixx Photography x

(If you looking to view the wedding album please get in touch with the Bride and Groom who will send you the link - Please share, tag and make sure everyone sees this amazing wedding day for Nathan & Vicky x )

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