Usk Castle & Treadam Farm Wedding Sarah & Anthony - Clixx Photography & Film South Wales UK

Rain, Rain don't go away !

A wedding photographer in South Wales sometimes can be a challenge. Like the most of the UK, Wales is not blessed with the perfect summers day, infact you just don't know what your going to wake up too really. Sarah and Anthony's wedding day was the wettest wedding in the history of Clixx Photography with no break in the weather at all !

I met Sarah at the Llechwen Hall wedding fayre and the ideas of the Treadam Barn in Abergavenny and the wedding taking place in the Wonderfull Usk Castle I was really looking forward to the day, I was preying that the bride and groom had made plans for possibly getting a little wet because the forecast was so bad.

On arriving at Sarah's parents home I was treated by a smiling bride and the brightest coloured wellington boots known to man ! I instantly thought yes ! A bride that doesn't mind getting a little wet for a great photo (unknown was how wet we would all get including the bridesmaids and groomsmen )

The day actually ran very smoothly, with he couple giving a lot of time for photos, and really not caring about the wet conditions. as you will see in the wedding images, with a pair of wellies and a brolly the very happy couple walked through mud, rain, puddles and would have walked through the River Usk to make sure they had some jaw dropping images.

So if your wedding day is full of rain, then there is no need to panic, yes we would all like a nice sunny day to get married but as long as your prepare with umbrellas for bride, groom, breads maids and groomsmen, then rain images can be very pleasing on the eye. (maybe seek a good dry cleaners after the wedding day)

I loved shooting this wedding , so many challenges, so many great images..

Thanks to all the family and friends , Sarah and Anthony for asking me to capture their wedding day and all the staff at Usk Castle and Tradam Barm in Abergavenny. 

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