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So, you have booked your portrait shoot?

Its not all about turning up and being directed by the photographer. Yes that our job and 9 times out of 10 you will have no problems and we will sense this and help and support you with ideas and even show you a few moves (don't laugh because most of us are better behind the camera) Here are some top tips for you before your portrait session..

What to wear ? Hmmm

If you doing a solo shoot then this is easier to think about colours , clothes etc. Because you don't need to match the other people in the session. Think neutral colours browns creams oct or prime colours even bold reds, black whites depending on the location, chat to the photographer beforehand.

Try to avoid branded clothes or clothes with lots of patterns or words, plain clothes are  great !

What to do with my face ?

One of the biggest questions I get asked is how do I smile ? Seems silly because when you see your children, parents or partner after a long day at work you naturally smile, but people think this natural smile we have done for years is not the right one.. Its perfect ! Be your self don't try to me this film star who is trained to smile. Yes I always tell my customers to 'act' with their face because there is nothing worse then doing a lovely portrait and it looks like a passport photo. This will come as you go through the session the first 5 images are hard for anyone but the nerves are quickly erased. 

Also try to get an early night before this stops little spots and blemishes, while also not creating puffy eyes etc (you should see me in the morning after a night of editing :))

Also with the Instagram + Facebook culture selfies are in ! But we all do this fake pout of the lips and its very exaggerated. A little squint of the eyes and a very very slight pout is good, if we need more we will ask for it Quack, quack.

How do I stand ?

A little trick is to shift the weight on one leg so your balanced and raise the other leg slightly at the knee. this automatically creates a nice shape from head to toe. Its easier than it looks and is a classic stance for ALL models, film stars, and normal Joes like us.

Basically be your self, and this will come across in your portrait. If the photographer feels they need more to get the great image of you then they will politely ask for you to raise your head a little, drop the arm a little, smile a little. Just don't panic, believe in your photographer and enjoy the session, the results will be amazing ...

Clixx here to ask any questions you may have about the offer we currently have on, I am doing some great location portraits that are a break from the norm and I would love to create a timeless piece of wall art for you. :)

Until the next time,,

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