St Davids Hotel & Spa, Cardiff Bay - Claire and Tom - Clixx Photography & Film South Wales UK

Another sunny day at the bay and I was really looking forward to capturing Claire & Tom Wedding at St Davids Hotel & Spa at Cardiff Bay. The couples ideas were great with Tom being an internet sensation go check him out, they had lots going on , with break dancers, basketball tricks and world record breakers entertaining the guests.Toms Facebook page he has 232,277 followers ! The talent the groom has is jaw dropping.

Meeting a nervous bride at her hotel room for the bridal prep shots is always a good place to start to get her comfy with the camera being around before the wedding. Reassuring Claire and talking her through some of the shots I was looking for helped  calm the nerves, resulting in some stunning images as I'm sure you will agree.

St Davids Hotel and Spa, Cardiff Bay is a wonderful venue with some really modern lines and architecture. If you looking for some woodland or greenery then to the side of the building is the perfect place. It has everything you need at a wedding venue.

The night was ended like I have mentioned with some tricks and skills from Tom and his team, I had to remember to take pictures because like the family and guest I was in awe of the talent before us !.

Thank you Claire and Tom for letting me be apart of your wedding day, I loved every minute.. 

Les x

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