In between weddings / wedding season I always try to get out and about in south Wales to get some family portraits done. Wedding photography is not all that interests me and its nice to brush up on some challenging situations that could help me on the wedding days, and get some great images in the process.

I have always seen this patch of golden white grass in Aberdare South Wales UK that I have always drove past and always wanted to use as a location , but access never looked good with marsh land, barb wire fences etc.

With the promise of some new profile picture my step daughter agreed to pose and help me get some amazing images. Being a photographer in south Wales the weather always spoils things or so I thought..

We couldn't use the open field of golden grass due to the fact Poppy would have been soaked head to foot in  seconds, and with the perfection of hair and makeup applied I didn't want to ruin it.

We ran for cover in a near by forest and I have to say that this was a great find. Lots of untouched woodland and some lovely natural light peeping through the think tree branches.

With the light fading fast I set up. Using my Nikon D750  I knew this camera would give me flexibility of using the ISO, but I love noise in my pictures, it make me feel like the photo is old and authentic. I swapped around with a Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 and Nikon 85mm1.4 and both lens delivered.

15 minutes later I have a set of images that made the new profile picture and happiness on this occasion the rain forced us into the forest. Until a sunny day we shall return.

UPDATE---- Now added Aberavon Beach shoot - So cold but so awesome !

Iphone snaps

The Shoot

Aberavon Beach

Location photo shoots are in my eye a better option to your typical studio photoshoot. We have ideal surroundings that many people travel to witness from all over the world. Lets value what we take for granted every day, book your shoot today..

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