Love, Romance, Wellington boots and a Garden gate

Just like most days being a wedding photographer in South Wales, Rhondda, Cynon or Taf waking up is a scary moment on a wedding day, is it raining ?, is the sun shining ? is it snowing even ? (yes you lucky photographers in Spain, Italy, south of France etc. You don't get these worries, I'm not jealous...well maybe a little, ok a LOT ) todays weather report RAIN ! :( I  was thinking , ok the wedding venue was the awesome Llechwen Hall in South Wales. A luxurious Country House Hotel that I hold very highly and is one of my favourite venues to work at. The staff are so professional, friendly and organised ,this makes my job a little easier. There were plenty of places to take some great bridal portraits in side, all would be ok. In a blink of an eye , the sun was out and it was a great summers day ! The weather changes so quickly in South Wales, this time for the better.

Growing up on a farm it was no wonder that Laura and Andrew had to base this on their wedding theme. I was hoping for a bride in wellies, did I get it ? Maybe... :)

The wedding ran perfectly for the happy couple, with family and friends all enjoying the happy day. Laura and Andrew were so easy to work with, and made sure they dedicated appropriate time to their wedding images, this is so important if you want to capture your wedding day perfectly. Your wedding images are your only memories in years to come so make sure you work with your photographer to capture you wedding day. I  always tell every bride I meet "once the cake has been eaten and the champagne has been drank, the only thing you will have left is each other and your wedding album"

Some of the best moments for me at a wedding are the moments of nerves on the grooms face waiting for his bride to arrive, being a newlywed my self I still remember that little look back over the shoulder from Andrew looking at the stunning Laura walking towards him captured perfectly in the images above, the little hand hold and the first kiss, very special moments indeed.

Im very lucky to have a job that I love so much, creating moments in people lives that they will look back over for years to come making sure they have unique and modern wedding photography.

Thank you Laura and Andrew for letting me capture your wedding day, All the best for the future.

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