International Portrait Awards 2017. I WON ! - Clixx Photography & Film South Wales UK

Sometimes you have to just go for it, take a risk, get your self out there. A photographer in South Wales can some times be just that, South Wales, Wales or UK. Wedding off season I am always chomping at the bit waiting for my 1st wedding to start after Christmas, so I decided to shoot some portraits. These were of my Step daughter Poppy  (I try to bribe my Son but thats never going to happen, maybe one day Ev ? ) The shoot was shot with my Nikon d750 Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens and a new ring light from Pixapro. Never used a ring light before so I couldn't wait to get it all planned out. The shoot was a great success (pics below). So of the images were amazing the quality of light, mood and connection were mind blowing. So I thought why not and entered an images for the 7th collection of the International Portrait awards and sat back and waited. A little ping on my emails a few weeks later read, Congratulations you have won the 7th Collection ! I couldn't believe it, 1000 entries I told the wining spot ! so over the moon. Sometimes we feel we feel that other people are better than us, but just like I found out what if you become the best ? Now thats an all new head game !..

The winning Image :)

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