I do love location shoots - 06-04-16 - Clixx Photography & Film South Wales UK

My work is mainly 80% weddings, I love a good wedding ! I love everything about it, the fun, laughter, tears, loving looks and braces and I work pretty hard to make sure I capture all this through the day.

Recently I have been putting some time into location portraiture. Using my willing model (step daughter Poppy) Although Poppy is not a professional model and basically likes to put on some nice clothes do her hair and makeup and stand there while I take her to crazy, mostly wet and muddy woodland area to perfect me shooting style and give my images to also perfect my editing style.

I feel I have come to a great place with my portraits. They are not your typical look or feel but this suits me perfectly. They are not your run of the mill one in one out studio portrait, this also suits me perfectly. They are one off work of art that I try to create for each and every single person that require a nice framed image for their wall that will last a life time. 

I see them as very high end due tot he thought creative mindset gone into them and the amount of time that is spent perfecting the particular look.

I give you my new portrait range simply titled 'Unique"

Unique is a great experience where we will visit local but interesting locations and find the best place to shoot the perfect work of art of you and or your family. The session can be up to 1 hour+ until I feel the perfect image is taken. These are not like a studio shoot where you will have unlimited shoots of your self in bulk the Unique sessions are for people who want high end portraiture that is very different from your friends portrait that was done in a studio with a white high key backdrop. Yes I also offer this very popular style of photography but Unique is Unique.

I have been perfectly my shooting and editing style over the last 12 months to offer my customers this high end type of portrait, I hope you like it.

If you would like to know more please click here to drop us a line or just click the "Get in Touch" button at the top of this page.

Are you Unique ? Then you must give me a call to book your session ASAP

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