Eclipse 2015 March 20th

I totally forgot about the eclipse this morning. Where have I been living for the last 5 days , thats all its been on the news, papers, radio . So I wake up and FACEBOOK tells me the eclipse is happening is 20 mins. So I rush around the house grab my tripod, my Nikon d700, my Format Filters (only had a pro stop 10 :( , remote trigger and I climbed out of the window and sat on the extension roof ! It was a stunning day and very peaceful .

It was a little eerie out there the light wasn't what it should be and all I could hear is the old men in the allotment below me. One shouted up " Oi, you got a good view up there ? Im using 2 pieces of cardboard, no need for fancy cameras in my day! lol.

Was hoping for a full black out but that didn't happen. Not bad thou I would say nearly 90% eclipse ! The light didn't move much , that tells you how powerful the sun really is with most of it covered !

Here is the Eclipse if you missed it, the human eye would not have seen anything at all, its quite impressive really what we miss. They say the camera never lies, clearly our eyes do !.

What did you see ? Leave a comment , share, like .

Click the image to make it bigger :) 

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