Barry Island Wedding Photographer - Lauren & Matthew May 2017 - Clixx Photography & Film South Wales UK

This was my first pre shoot of 2017 so I was busting to meet Lauren & Matthew and see what we could create. we met at South Wales most famous of seaside towns Barry Island. You might know location from the BBC Tv show Gavin & Stacey. Its where most people from Wales and beyond spend their child hood bathing in the sun (well some times) swimming in the sea, building sandcastles and eating chips on the beach.

The conditions were perfect for the future bride and groom who were a little nervous at the start. With a little reassurance that everyone feels a little awkward at the start of photoshoots they both settled in pretty quickly.

Both Lauren & Matthew were a bundle of laughs and this shows in their images.

So looking forward to shooting their wedding..

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Good job guys !

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