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From time to time I like to shoot projects of interest to me and see what creative images I can come up with, no plan just shoot people naturally. This helps to keep my camera skills sharp for weddings and portraits making sure I grab all the best bits from the shoot in the restricted time wedding photographers get at weddings. Being a South Wales wedding photographer is no different to any one else around the world. You have to be quick , sharp and ready for any thing.

After a model call on my Facebook page  (click HERE to see it) I was inundated with lots of couples wanting to take advantage of a super cool day out at Aberavon beach and getting romantic with a loved one and of course getting some kick ass images to remember forever. The brief to the couple was simple. "We are heading to the beach and I will need you to sit in the sea and just be your selves" . Emily and Luke did not let me down.

The reason I wanted a real couple is because I wanted to see how the couple interacted with each other and not for me to help pose or direct. All these images below are natural images with little involvement from my self. The results are just as I wanted, totally natural, fun, playful, and loving.

Thank you to everyone who offered their help I could only pick one couple but please look out for more opportunities like this in the next coming weeks on my Facebook page.

For any one interested in making memories with your partner, husband or wife, then please get in touch, I am now offering this as a package called Fusion - Its a mix of images and video (see below) The sessions last 1 hr you get all the images from the shoot while also getting the Fusion video slide show and an option Fusion album. Beaches are perfect but there are so many other locations to be used, its all about the Fusion of two people..

Over to you Emily and Luke...

Fusion: Couples Photoshoot

The Photoshoot

And just to show that photos shoots are not all glamorous, changing on the beach can be quiet difficult with no changing room ! Sorry Luke :)

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